Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus response suspension of face-to-face therapy sessions

Suspension of face-to-face therapy sessions....

In response to current events, the advice I've been given is to avoid face-to-face client-sessions for the foreseeable future. 

However, alongside continuing  to offer skype and telephone sessions, I'm exploring other video chat platforms.

Skype Sessions

Online sessions are equally effective when working with most issues that I have worked with over the last ten years or so.

As always, I'll have a fifteen minute or so phone chat with you before we book you in, during which I'll be able to determine whether Online Hypnotherapy with me is appropriate for you.

For a list of some of the issues that I commonly work with, go here: 'Help With...'

As I'm working from home, my normal business overheads are reduced and I've been able to reduce my fees to reflect this.

I understand that this is a particularly challenging time and I  want everyone who would benefit from my services to feel able to ask for help. I can offer a certain number of concessions per week.

To review my fees and payment policy, go here: 'Fees... '